Inspired by the story of Medusa, Gorgon is a community that helps to educate and empower women. The snake, seen in Greek mythology as a punishment for Medusa, is now seen has a means of protection. Gorgon wants women to equip themselves with the right tools to make them feel prepared, safe, and strong.

Branding, Logo design, Illustration, Packaging

Brand logo draws focus to the serifs by exaggerating their points. This is done to mimic a snake fang, and symbolically represent strength and danger.


When the Original Spiked Seltzer hit liquor store shelves in 2013, no one knew how popular it would become. Unfortunately, due to some poor design choices, its appearance alienated male consumers and gave Spiked Seltzer a reputation for being a "feminine" drink. With a complete identity and brand world overhaul, we have created a can that belongs in any hand. 

Branding, Logo design, Packaging, Copywriting

Collaboration with Dena Solazzo